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An ultrasound study is a non-invasive sonar test used to asses the size and shape of internal organs. It is a painless test that is often used to view the abdominal and pelvic organs, the aorta and the thyroid gland.

1) Preparation for an Abdominal Ultrasound: which includes the gallbladder, pancreas, liver, kidneys (renal), spleen and aorta:

After midnight and on the morning of your examination, do not eat or drink anything. Refrain from gum chewing and smoking. If you have any morning medications that you need to take, you may fake them with water.

2) Preparation tor a Pelvic/Bladder Ultrasound: you may eat on the day of your exam. A full bladder is required for this exam. Drink 4-5, 8 oz. glasses of water one hour prior to your appointment. DO NOT VOID. Remember, your bladder must be full at the time of your exam. NOTE: You must completely finish drinking the water by one hour before your exam.

3) Preparation for a Thyroid Ultrasound: There is no preparation for this exam.